Several rooms are available inside the Ducal Palace for different initiatives and events, including weddings, gala dinners, conferences and graduations.
The hire costs for the different areas will be defined and agreed with the hirer according to the type, characteristics, complexity and duration of the event

The Throne Room, on the noble floor of the palace is the most majestic setting and is 35 metres long, 15 metres wide and 17 metres high at the top of the ceiling vault. At the time of the Montefeltro and Della Rovere families, the large room was without doubt the “Banqueting Hall” where the military and dynastic power of the prince was on show, while at the time of the papal legate, it actually housed a throne and hence the name of the room.

The Angels’ Room, a large reception and procession room, is part of the Duke’s apartments on the noble floor of the palace. Perhaps the “Angels’ Room” is the most sumptuous and richly decorated, and it takes its name from the large fireplace with the splendid decoration of dancing putti carved into the architrave.

Inside and practically at the centre of the Ducal Palace is the courtyard, surrounded on all four sides by a sleek arcade with compound capitals. The charm of the splendid, austere-looking courtyard lies in the colour combination of red brick and ivory stone, and in the alternating rectangular windows and pilaster strips on the upper level.

The Pasquino Garden is a courtyard on the south side of the palace, on the ground floor. It originally served two purposes: linking the old home of the Montefeltro Counts (Count Antonio, Guidantonio and Oddantonio) on one side and on the other, it was intended to be the home of the so-called “Mausoleum” of Duke Federico.

The marvellous Hanging Garden is located on the ground floor and via its western wall it connects the turret buildings with the old Castle. Above this perimeter wall with windows, there was a gallery between two balustrades to link the Duke’s apartments (in the turret building) with those of the Duchess (castle building) on the noble floor.

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